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Wholistic Natural Health Australia offer a wide range of services focused on the systems of the body rather than symptoms. Services include:

  • COMPLIMENTARY Functional and Integrative Health Intake
  • Lymphatic drainage and assessment, using Complex Manual De-congestive Therapy and the Lymphatic Mojo Protocols
  • Functional Health / Innate Immunity Solutions- Immune, Endocrine, Neural and Lymphatic support
  • Functional Integrative Health Reset – repair, recultivate, regenerate, reposition full spectrum programs
  • Integrative Pathology Services (NutriPath)
  • Compression Garment Fitting
  • Results Based Coaching for long lasting health

Our flagship programs (developed from ongoing learning and all of our modalities) include:

  • Functional Integrative Health Reset – repair, recultivate, regenerate, reposition: Did you know that nearly every condition you may experience has an immune, gut, liver or pathogen component? Men and women can become incapacitated or even lose their lives if these foundations of health are not properly treated. Medications, surgeries and other therapies are often band-aid solutions that do not get to the root cause of chronic illness.
    Treating symptoms is not sustainable. Your practitioner will teach you how to treat the root cause of your ailments to reset your health, ethically and sustainably.
    The FIHR package includes:
    Immune System Identification
    Full Functional Integrative Analysis                                                                                Pathogen analysis
    Full Treatment Plan
    Nutritional Plan to Boost Your Recovery
    Analysis of thyroid, autoimmune and hormone health levels
    Identification of gut/brain delays
    Identification of inflammation pathways
    Comprehensive analysis of previous tests
    Lymphatic assessment
    Reset coaching
  • The ’30 day Functional Health Reset’ program- a 30 day program that targets stealth infections, aligns the systems of the body so that they may integratively work in sync and to their optimum and provide relief from the ‘symptom merry go round’
  • The ’10 week Menopause Mitigation’ program- 10 weeks of endocrine, adrenal, neural, immune and lymphatic focused treatment. Dedicated to providing you all you need to learn how the body functions in order to mitigate menopause
  • The ’10 week GIFT’ program- 10 weeks of focus on Gut, Immune, Functional health and Thyroid. Your pathway to thyroid health along with sustainable gut health while supporting your immune health and learning why and how they have responded to infections, stressors and other life events.

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