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Cleanse your life- a how to guide. . . Part V

Cleanse your life

Cleanse your life

Well done, you are well on your way to becoming toxin free. Your home, your car, your diet and your social networks are all areas we have addressed. Let’s wrap it up and help you decipher where you may need support or clarity, or even just a reminder.

In cleansing and healing, it can often feel like you are missing out on common interactions and fulfilling your social needs. Social needs must be met for sustainable and healthy relationships. The human is a pack animal. Social interaction creates an exchange of many hormones within the body that are required for sustained health. In the modern worlds, we’ve become so isolated that we no longer see our extended families, we do not live in small, tight knit communities and often, we don’t even spend time with our immediate families. Instead we live on a time orientated treadmill of work-home-work-home, etc. This all leads to illness and dis-ease. Some of the healthiest communities with the least incidence of chronic illness are islander communities. Theses small communities are in close contact and have meaningful relationships with each other. We’ve become so isolated that we don’t live in a village like we used to. Look at an island like Samoa. People there still live within a village atmosphere. When a baby is born, the mother isn’t the only one responsible for raising the baby. The whole community does and the bulk of the population is extremely healthy. What we’ve lost is that sense of community and a real value in relationships that can sustain health.

There are small steps we can take today that can help us access fresh produce and a sense of community. Shopping weekly at a Farmer’s Market can help you build a sense of community. Attending a Farmer’s Market regularly can help you become familiar with your produce supplier, they often do know your name when you attend regularly. Even though 200 people might be at the market the day you go, if you’re not there next week they’ll remember and when they see you again they’ll ask you if you’re okay. This sense of belonging is what we miss. We’re so busy going to work, looking after the kids and doing all the things that we have to do every day, that we forget to truly live, love and feed our souls. Life becomes like a checklist with everything coming down to items achieved or missed. There is no time given to experiencing things, only to ticking things off the list.

So, in summary, to cleanse from the inside out, you must look at what you put into your body, your environment, what you put in your body and how you relate to others. There is no simple checklist to cleansing but there is nature’s bounty of fresh plant foods, water and a sense of community to help you on your way. I help many people detox their homes and teach them how to make sustainable, earth and health friendly products to use in and around the home. From the makeup you wear to the products you use to clean your home, from the food you eat to the relationships you give your soul sustenance from, it can all be as simple to achieve as reaching out for guidance.

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Magic Barclay, lead Practitioner at Wholistic Natural Health Australia, Nett Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the month (2015), Best Selling Author of Gut Recovery and Whole Foods and of Stop Bing Fat: Love Yourself Skinny. Magic’s life changed when she found herself unemployable after a long battle with cancer, diabetes and lymphoedema. She then devoted herself to learning and healing, using modalities from around the world.

Since then she has treated over 100 clients, gained her Internationally Recognised Certification in Colon Hydrotherapy and in Result Coaching and featured in the Daily Mail UK and

Magic’s mission is to assist people in regaining their health, energy and passion for life. Magic helps people who feel let down by the current health model by addressing root-cause, treating all 11 systems of the body and creating an ethical, sustainable lifestyle for long lasting health.

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